Leah//senior portraits

Leah was the last senior I shot in the fall, and we got lucky with absolutely gorgeous weather in December! (One perk of being a photographer in the South!) Leah also brought her dog Kami along to get some photos with, which I just loved. I think it’s really cool when seniors want to incorporate something personal into their shoot, or go to a place that has meaning to them. So Leah, along with all of my seniors this year, has such great style! I need to take notes haha. Another great thing about Leah is that she has a smile that just lights up the room! It was so great getting to capture her fun personality!

Mariah//senior portraits

Y’all. Mariah killed it during her senior session. As I was shooting, I just kept thinking, “This girl needs to get herself a modeling contract!” She had so much confidence being in front of the camera, and we had fun with it and tried tons of different poses. I loved pretty much everything about this shoot, and had a great time with Mariah and her mom. I know this sweet girl is going to have a great time when she heads to Mississippi State in the fall!

Lillian//senior portraits

Next up is Lillian! Lillian is so sweet. And I’m going to take a second to brag on her: She volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters (an organization that’s near and dear to my heart!), she was Tupelo’s prom queen and she has plans to go to school to become a dental surgeon. Just an all-around great girl, and I was so happy I got to shoot her session! We also caught the sunset just in time to get some awesome golden hour photos!

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