The Kieffers 2015//family session

So I’m super terrible about being timely and regularly posting here, but I’m trying to change that! So I got to spend time this weekend with my favorite family in Tupelo, the Kieffers, for Deanna’s birthday. I got to see little Daniel and Joseph, we ate delicious tacos and enjoyed cake and good company. And I also realized I had not blogged their family session from the fall! Shame on me, because they are the cutest family ever!

Nicole+Ed//engagement session

I was just updating my website last night when I realized I haven’t blogged Nicole and Ed’s engagement session that I shot in November. And that’s just sad because they are such a great couple and I had an awesome time getting to know them at the shoot. Now if June could just hurry up so I can shoot their wedding! We went to New Albany and got some shots at the church where they will be getting married, and then we went out to the cottage that has been in Ed’s family forever. They spent lots of family time out at there at the lake, so it was the perfect place to do the session. I love shooting at a place that has meaning to the couple, it makes it that much more special. Also, Nicole and Ed are troopers because they stood up in a canoe(!). So brave! 

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