Nicole+Ed//engagement session

I was just updating my website last night when I realized I haven’t blogged Nicole and Ed’s engagement session that I shot in November. And that’s just sad because they are such a great couple and I had an awesome time getting to know them at the shoot. Now if June could just hurry up so I can shoot their wedding! We went to New Albany and got some shots at the church where they will be getting married, and then we went out to the cottage that has been in Ed’s family forever. They spent lots of family time out at there at the lake, so it was the perfect place to do the session. I love shooting at a place that has meaning to the couple, it makes it that much more special. Also, Nicole and Ed are troopers because they stood up in a canoe(!). So brave! 


Earlier this year when my good friend from high school/college called me up and said, “I just got engaged! Also, I want you to be my photographer!” I didn’t skip a beat saying yes. Lainey and Todd met because he was her personal trainer at her previous job, and their relationship took off from there. Since I live so far from home and my lovely friends, I haven’t had many opportunities to get to know the two as a couple, but I got to witness their immense mutual love and respect for each other that day. There was just so much love under that tent. Todd is head over heels for Elaine and treats her with so much love and kindness, which is exactly what someone wants to see for one of their best friends and her husband. Also, I need to note that Lainey was the most laid back bride ever, not stressing over whatever the day threw at her (like Michigan’s 45 degree and rainy weather). Despite the chilly and rainy weather, everyone, including myself, had such a fun time at this wedding! So many happy memories! (I could only upload 20, or else I would’ve added more! I had a hard time narrowing down photos of my beautiful friend and her husband!)

River Life Kayaks//Mud & Mag

I need to get back to regularly blogging, but this fall has been busy! The story we did in the latest issue of Mud and Magnolias about Millie Thompson and her River Life Kayaks business is the perfect place to pick back up though. Millie has it all figured out. She lives on the river near Amory with her dog Mac. My family has a cottage on a lake back home in Michigan, so I totally get this. I wish I could regularly be near water, so I might have to take a page out of Millie’s book and do that soon! The whole time I was shooting this story I just kept saying to myself, “This lady is the coolest. I want to be her!”

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