Rivers Smith//Young at Heart

Meet Rivers Smith, 91, of Amory, Mississippi. I photographed her for a feature in the Journal’s “Young at Heart” issue. She is a fabulous woman, and I aspire to be just like her as grow older. Rivers rides her bicycle through downtown Amory everyday, and hops on her ride with a running start. She also exudes kindness, sending me back to the office with moon pies she had gotten to share with all the reporters.

Sarah+Trevor//engagement session

It’s not everyday you get to photograph your sister’s engagement photos. Let alone on the beach! I’m so excited for these two. Trevor is basically my brother-in-law already, and they have so much love for each other. They have also been together since they were 15, so they are high school sweethearts! I mean, how adorable is that? So when we were all vacationing in Hilton Head last month, we headed to the beach for their engagement session. A beautiful backdrop made even better by this beautiful couple. Love you, Sarah and Trevor. 

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