Tender Hearted//Elizabeth Banes

Elizabeth Banes, 16, wakes up every morning to feed and care for the horses, pigs, goats, dogs and the puppy litter.

She has a routine of making sure water dishes are full and medicine is given. She also addresses each animal by name, noting that each one has a personality.

The Banes’ Fulton property is home to nearly 30 dogs, many more cats, horses, goats, pigs, bunnies and chickens. Michelle Banes, Elizabeth’s mother, is a volunteer at the animal shelter in Tupelo.

“Our family has always had a love for animals,” Michelle said.

Elizabeth will regularly volunteer to bottle-feed litters of puppies until they are old enough to be adopted. Her most recent litter she fed since the puppies were 2 weeks old. Now they are 10 weeks old and were transported to a shelter in New Hampshire, where they will be placed into “forever homes.”

Elizabeth says her friends are always asking her if her family could help this animal or that animal. One night last week, her friends managed to round up an injured kitten that is now at home in the Banes’ garage.

“I think my animals are like my friends, and I like seeing them every morning, ” Elizabeth said.

Rivers Smith//Young at Heart

Meet Rivers Smith, 91, of Amory, Mississippi. I photographed her for a feature in the Journal’s “Young at Heart” issue. She is a fabulous woman, and I aspire to be just like her as grow older. Rivers rides her bicycle through downtown Amory everyday, and hops on her ride with a running start. She also exudes kindness, sending me back to the office with moon pies she had gotten to share with all the reporters.

Sarah+Trevor//engagement session

It’s not everyday you get to photograph your sister’s engagement photos. Let alone on the beach! I’m so excited for these two. Trevor is basically my brother-in-law already, and they have so much love for each other. They have also been together since they were 15, so they are high school sweethearts! I mean, how adorable is that? So when we were all vacationing in Hilton Head last month, we headed to the beach for their engagement session. A beautiful backdrop made even better by this beautiful couple. Love you, Sarah and Trevor. 

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