Tatjana and Tameria

At the beginning of the summer, I got to have a fun photo session with Tatjana, a foreign exchange student from Germany, and her sister Tameria from her host family. The two girls are such close friends after a year together, and before Tatjana headed back home to Germany, they got dressed in their prom dresses for a session at Veterans park. Such beautiful girls!

House in Shannon

Earlier in July I had a home feature to shoot with the Journal in Shannon. This was probably my favorite house to shoot since I’ve been at the paper. The homeowners really let their style come through with how they decorated and planned their house. I love the neutral palette, and the small details like the hat rack and old radios they found going antique shopping on the weekends. Thought I would share some photos, this house is definitely Pinterest-worthy.

The Kieffers

I was going through my external hard-drive looking for photos to update my website with, and I came across this set of photos. Last summer I had the privilege of photographing my co-worker Chris, his wife Deanna and their son Daniel, who had just turned 1. A year later, their family is growing even more and I hope I have the opportunity to take even more pictures of this beautiful family!

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