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Q: Who are you?

A: I’m Lauren, and thanks for being here! I grew up in Michigan, made my way South for 7 years and have recently moved back to Michigan. I say “you guys” and “y’all” interchangeably, just letting you know now. My husband Justin and I have two furbabies, Paddy and Wrigley, and we’ve watched The Office, Parks & Rec and Friends on Netflix too many times to count. Baking is my love language and I love traveling as often as I can. Pretty sure my enneagram is a 4, but sometimes I think I could also be a 7. If I’m not taking photos, I’m probably at Target.

Q: Where are you located?

A: I’m based in the Lansing, Michigan area, but have ties to Mississippi and Alabama. I love to travel, so let me know if you are getting married anywhere in the Midwest or the South and we can work out a travel package.

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Q: Who do you photograph?

A: Couples, families, seniors and branding/editorial. You name it and I’ve probably photographed it. I started in newspapers so I’ve also done news, sports, studio work and portraits. My journalistic background influences my wedding style. Capturing moments and telling the story of your day is my number one priority. 


Q: How far in advance should I book for weddings?

A: As soon as you book your venue! I usually book between 8-18 months in advance, and summer and fall are usually pretty popular dates. If you would like to work out an hourly package for 4 hours or less, I take bookings three months out from your date.

Q: Do you own your own business?

A: Yes of course! I’m a legit, tax-paying small business owner. I have liability insurance, and backup gear. After years in the wedding biz (and 2020, ugh), I’ve learned you need to be ready for Plan B, C and D!

Q: Do you offer albums or prints?

A: Yes to both. You can order prints directly from the online wedding gallery I send you, and some of the wedding collections include a print credit which can be used towards your order. I’m a huge believer that people should print their photos instead of just keeping them stored on your computer and they never end up seeing the light of day. Albums are such a great keepsake item, a great anniversary gift, or even thoughtful parent/in-law gifts. I work with you to create a custom album that is hand-crafted and shipped directly to you. They are beautiful! I have examples I can show you when we meet.

Q: Who is your ideal client?

A: You! Especially if you have read this far. You might be an LWP Couple if you are just as excited for every day after as you are for your wedding day, you think real life is better than Pinterest perfect, and your top priority is to marry the love of your life and have the time of your life while doing so. If this sounds like you, let’s make it official!

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