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It’s incredibly important to me that you are comfortable with your photographer on a day when capturing authentic emotion is of the utmost significance. I spend time with my clients both in-person and via phone or video call, beginning months before your wedding and continuing into the weeks after your ceremony. I want you to know that I care about your unique story and connecting with you on a personal level. Clients often turn into friends, and I love keeping up with their families through the years. 

I’m the extra bridesmaid you didn’t know you needed on your wedding day. I’ve pinned on boutonnieres, put on veils, bustled dresses, given hugs to calm down nerves. I’m also your biggest cheerleader! I’ll be photographing the ceremony with tears rolling down my cheeks because I’m bursting at the seams with happiness to witness your most special of days. I have years of experience to help coordinate the day and create a stress-free wedding day photography timeline. 

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